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Join the bituFLAME Revolution

by John Stallard — 15/11/2019

Waterproofing Systems NZ Ltd is a leader in supply of innovative torchon waterproofing membrane materials. With the bituFLAME Plura re-roof system Waterproofing Systems offers the right solution without compromise; an insitu time tested solution.  

A new bituFLAME Plura re-roof membrane system installed directly over an existing old bitumen membrane will save the owners time, removal costs, no need for building wrap protection and most importantly little disruption. 

The bituFLAME Plura re-roof has outstanding adhesion to all the older bitumen membrane systems, hot poured and screeded asphalt, old asphalt sheet membranes, sand finished and mineral chip modified bitumen membranes. The outstanding adhesion properties of the bitumen compound will absorb the mineral chips into the lower face and the bituFLAME Plura re-roof molten mass creates one single layer together with the old bitumen membrane roofing.